Tips for Tourist

Below you will find information on how to best
experience Bailey, CO Cannabis.


We welcome all people from all over the world wanting to experience the finest cannabis in the Palisade, CO area.

Legal Age Limit to Purchase Marijuana to purchase, possess or use retail marijuana in Colorado, you must have a valid ID proving you are 21 years of age or older.

• Keep it in Colorado

It is illegal to leave the state of Colorado with any marijuana products. This includes; flower, all Infused products i.e., vape pens, edibles, patches, tablets, capsules, etc.

• Denver International Airport

It is illegal to possess any marijuana products on the Denver International Airport property. This includes flower, all infused products i.e., vape pens, edibles, patches, tablets or capsules, etc.

• Driving High

It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana and you could be charged with a DUI. Under Colorado marijuana driving laws, you can’t drive if you have five nanograms or more of THC in your system. That said, if you’re smoking, wait at least six hours before driving. If you’re ingesting, wait for at least eight.

• Mailing Marijuana

It is illegal to mail or ship any Marijuana products from the state of Colorado. This includes flower, all infused products I.e., vape pens, edibles, patches, tablets or capsules, etc.

• Marijuana Use on Private Property

Marijuana use is legal on private property. Just keep in mind that property owners, landlords, and rental companies may ban the use and, or the possession of marijuana on their property.

• Marijuana Use in Public Places

Marijuana use of any kind (smoking, eating or vaping) is not allowed in public places. This includes amusement parks, ski resorts, sporting and music venues, state and national parks, campsites, playgrounds, sidewalks and roads, marijuana retail businesses, bars, restaurants and outdoor or rooftop cafes.

• Marijuana Use on Federal Land

Marijuana use of any kind (smoking, eating or vaping) is forbidden on federal land. This includes all national parks and national forests, you cannot even have it in your possession.

• Purchasing Marijuana in the State of Colorado

– Adults 21 and older can purchase and possess up to an ounce of marijuana at a time.
– Licensed retail locations are the only legal place to purchase marijuana.
– It is illegal for you to re-sell marijuana you’ve purchased.
– Any questions regarding how to use a product safely and responsibly, ask the marijuana dispensary for more information.