The Happy Camper Bailey Experience

Cannabis dispensaries across Colorado have seen a jump in prevalence over the last decade. Determining which of these dispensaries are serving high-quality cannabis products has become difficult. Those looking for the top selection of recreational weed products in Colorado, visit us at the Happy Camper, Bailey. We are the leading dispensary in the area, providing a top selection of weed, cannabis-infused products, edibles, and CBD products for your health and well-being.

At The Happy Camper, we take the time to hand-pick each and every product that we offer at the dispensary. We stick to top brands, strains, and products to ensure our licensed CO dispensary has the right products for each of our customers. At The Happy Camper Bailey, we offer the most outstanding range of THC wellness products that you will find in Colorado. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you throughout the buying process.

Exceptional Selection of Cannabis

At The Happy Camper Bailey, in Bailey, Colorado, we specialize in providing premium cannabis products designed to enhance your overall experience. We offer THC and CBD products, which are very popular among our customers throughout the state. Shop our top selection of flower, pre-rolls, topicals, vape carts, edibles, extracts, and tinctures.

The Happy Camper Bailey believes in giving back to our customers, and one way we can make that happen is through our VIP loyalty program. The Happy Camper’s VIP program offers additional savings and perks to regular customers at our Bailey, Colorado pot shop.

Don’t forget to check our specials, browse around the dispensary or check our website for new products. For assistance with your order or answers to your questions, reach out to The Happy Camper Cannabis Team online or call us at (303)-816-0420.