THC Infused Products

THC Infused Products – It Pays to Learn the Differences

If you’re an experienced user of cannabis, then you’ve probably noticed that the game has changed in recent years. Along with legalization across much of the United States, we’ve seen significant advances in manufacturing processes related to cannabis. The result is that the market became flooded with cannabis-related products such as THC extract and THC wax. This can be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar, so the team at The Happy Camper Cannabis Dispensary is here to help you out!

What is THC Extract All About?

THC extract refers to a broad category of cannabis products, which is created by extracting raw THC from the marijuana plant and infusing it into a number of different cannabis products. THC is the psychoactive chemical that makes cannabis use such a pleasant experience, and by extracting it from the plant, users can enjoy it in a number of ways other than just smoking. THC extract comes in a multitude of different forms, including tinctures, which are a form that you can drop under your tongue, onto edibles, or even add to some THC butter or THC wax.

What’s this THC Wax I Keep Hearing About?

THC wax is the product that results when raw THC is extracted from a marijuana plant and left in its natural state: a goopy, waxy resin that is full of THC. THC wax is effective and also efficient due to just needing a tiny amount in a vape pen or rig to feel the effects. THC wax, in the eyes of some, becomes a much more efficient way of smoking an equivalent amount of marijuana flower. This means that our concentrate deals on THC extract and THC wax are almost always worth checking out!

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